Favorite Blanket Sale!

Little Unicorn is having a huge sale! These adorable muslin blankets are perfect from infants to toddlers. They are super light weight, excellent in hot weather and super soft. Colton’s favorite is in the bison quilt and muslin.

I have an awesome promo code for 15% off SOFTANDSWEET

So head on over to get a blanket for $14 when you use the promo code!

Make sure to sign up for their loyalty program get points for every dollar spent that turns into store credit! They also offer free shipping!

I am purchasing a cute blanket for our nieces birthday and an extra one for Colton! Check out these darling prints!



Movies in the Park Utah! Free Friday

Here is tonight’s movie in the park line up for free Friday! So hurry grab your chairs, blankets and snacks. Not reason to be bored on a Friday night!

June 15th 2018

West valley: Black Panther @ centennial park in conjunction with west fest. Dusk

Sandy: The Jungle Book @ buttercup park starts at dusk

Salt Lake City :Galaxy Quest, Jordan park on 900 w 1000 S

Cottonwood heights : Despicable 3 @ Mountain View Park 7-11pm

Draper: Ferdinand @ Draper Amphitheater 944 E. Vestry road. Starts 8 pm for park festivities movie starts 9:15

Magna: Hocus Pocus @ pleasant green park music at 8 pm movie at dusk.

Millcreek: COCO @ Churchill Jr. High

Centerville: Sing @ Smith’s park at dusk

Spanish Fork: Maleficent @ movies on main

Bluffdale: Deep @ mount jordan 8-10 pm food truck rally also

Splash Pad (Frugal Thursday) Bluffdale

It’s Frugal Thursday! You know what that means right? Well it’s our newest segment with a new splash pad, park, reservoir or hike every week! Summer comes and the “I’m bored” words start flying left and right. So I will journey from location to location and keep you guys informed of free frugal fun all summer long!

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Today we ventured to the Bluffdale splash pad! This place is like a mini lagoon but FREE!!!! Let’s hear a Yippee for Free!!! Kids are stinking expensive in the summer. So we went to the Wardle Fields Regional Park :14148 2700 W, Bluffdale UT

PSA: This splash pad is intense it’s huge so I set up right next to the edge. There is no shade so you definitely want to bring a canopy or a shade umbrella ( I love this one and it’s a perfect frugal find ).

I have a rule the girls could not go to far. They could stay in the splash area and had to come check in with me if they were changing areas. Also always stay with each other. There is hundreds of people here, but it’s amazing.

I make the girls come get their shoes before heading to the park area. It is hot up there! They have zip lines, twirling rope marry-go rounds, and a three story slide! So pack a lunch and ice waters! Bring some shade, chairs, towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, and a wagon or stroller. Come enjoy the heat and beat the boredom!

Smith’s Cereal sale!

General Mills is on sale at smiths for 2.49 each a box or buy 5 and save $5!! Excellent deal it comes to $1.49 per box!

When you purchase 5 you will get a $2 off Catalina at the register! Time for round 2!

Purchase another set of 5 boxes of cereal $1.09 each! Mega saving!

Our Stroller

Let me tell I can’t even count how many strollers we have had over the years. Let me just say tho the cheaper isn’t better. We owned a grace when Lilah was born it was awful couldn’t move through any bumpy roads. We upgraded to a baby trend single jogger loved it and used it daily. However popped a ton of tires.

Next we had probably 10 different umbrella strollers we are very active and travel a lot. I would wear those wheels down till they no longer worked. We then got pregnant with Kaylie and upgraded to a double jogger stroller from baby trend. We still live this stroller for jogging and working out. It just wasn’t the best for crowed areas or traveling. It took way too much room in my SUV and it was so heavy. So I took the plunge and invested in a front to back stroller. It is expensive but it’s worth the investment.

Packing a family of five for Disney land can be a big job. These are some of my favorite baby gear travel equipment. Stroller is key! So after much thought and saving we bought out double city select stroller. We were lucky to purchase on 30% off.

The Baby Cubby offers price match and stroller 60 day guarantee. This is our stroller. We love it. It’s stupid light wait and can’t wait to test it out at Disneyland. The Baby Cubby is holding a %15 off sale.

My favorite accessories for a growing family. Is I always have to buy more stroller but this one actually grows with your family. Pretty amazing huh! I can take all three of my kids on the stroller. The best feature is this bad boy only weights 29 pounds!! My jogger was a beast to lift in and out of my car but this stroller is so light.

We have 3 kids so this kick board or glider is a must have for my very determined 6 year old. That gets tired after 20 minutes.

The one thing to keep in mind is this stroller doesn’t have cup holders. So you need to invest in a parent console.

This that being said I love love love my City Select and can’t believe I didn’t purchase it sooner.

Buying a pig

After many question on my Instagram stories about our recent journey to Payson to pick up our pork. At Gary’s meats in Payson Utah. I thought I would take some time explain it more. First off I speak openly the way I grew up in a small town (like less than 500 people small) Adams, Oregon. I have alway has chickens and helped out on other people’s farms. I can say farm to table is the absolute best! Each year I take weeks and bottle, can, and harvest fruits and veggies. We eat a lot of salmon, halibut, elk, chicken, beef, pork, and shell fish. Most my months of August and September are consumed by jamming, salsa, spaghetti sauce, bottle tomatoes, bottling, canning, blanching and freezing local fresh fruits and veggies.

About 4 weeks ago my uncle called asking if I would like to buy half a pig and of course my answer was yes. Over the years we have purchased many animals 1/2 cow and pigs and let me tell you it’s the best meat you will ever have. So as a frugal mama I have to tell you it isn’t bare bottom prices how ever it is very close! Now days the variation in quality and price, it’s cheaper to choose your own cuts, steaks, and choice of meat rather than the store prices.

We were able to choose all of our own cuts of meat bacon, pork chops, bone in pork chops, shoulder roasts, ham hock, ham roast, cured ham, pork roast and bunch of sausage

We purchased 1/2 of the pig for $165.00

The slaughter, cut and wrap and to $75.00

($18 of that was for curing the hams. )

In total 1/2 of a pig was 78lbs we paid in total $240.00 coming out to $3.00 per pound.

Which is still amazing think about it pork chops in Costco are on sale for $1.67 /lb but they are normally around $2 a pound, shoulder roasts vary by price and size, extra thick bacon at Walmart 1.5 lbs is $8.00. All honesty I am not a huge fan of ham so the next 1/2 pig I most likely will not do the curing process which would save our family an extra $18

Farms truly make the world go round. Our 1/2 of a pig came with about 8 very generous 1 pound packs of thick bacon. We ate the last two days for breakfast. 10 (1 lb packs) sausage 5 hams (packaged out to less than 4lbs each because we don’t want a lot of waste by making a giant ham.) 6 or 7 packs of pork chops since our family is larger each pack has 6 chops. 1 ham hock, 1 pack of spare ribs, and 5 pork roasts.

This is a lot of meat. So hopefully we will not need to purchase anymore pork for 6 plus months. My goal this year is to have more than 100lbs of meat on hand at all time. I am so excited that I have been able to package all our meat out using our new air sealer.

I highly encourage anyone to buy local when you can. Currently I am looking at purchasing 1/4 or 1/2 a long horn cow.

Car Upholstery Cleaner

This is by far the best car carpet cleaner I have ever used. Super simple ingredients and user friendly. If your like me you have kids dropping and spilling everything everywhere and your car is beginning to look like the bottom of a trash can .

What you will need is a Spray Bottles, scrubby brush, hydrogen peroxide, dawn soap, essential oil, tooth brush (dollar store), and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Before is a picture of the floor below my 4 year old daughters car seat. This stuff really works. I used wild orange it has disinfectant qualities. I mainly used it for the smell. Those nasty spills that you can still smell or in my case Costco hotdogs left behind forever.

How I mix this car cleaner is 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts water. 3 or 4 pumps of dawn dish soap. 4 or 5 drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Lavender smells amazing too.


8 oz of hydrogen peroxide

16 oz of water

1/2 table spoon of dawn soap

5 drops of doterra wild orange (or your favorite essential oil)


Vacuum the whole car first. The vacuum I use is black and Black and Decker Car Vacuum. It’s amazing super easy to use and has a small car bag to store it in. It plugs into the car so you never have to worry about charging it.

Saturate the whole area with cleaning solutions to the stained area. Using a scrubbing brush rub in a circular motion using an old rag wipe away the dirt after scrubbing. I use a toothbrush for smaller areas. Continue to clean let air dry. If needed do more than 1 treatment.

Repeat as necessary.


How to Clean a Microwave

Is there on thing that drives you crazy cleaning? I hate cleaning microwaves. The smell is gross everything is caked on. I swear I bust my elbow on something every time.

Over the years I have found a few easy tricks to make it simple. I will be sharing these tricks each day for the month of February. #cleanlove follow that tag for Charming frugal cleaning tips and tricks each day for the month of February. Spring cleaning is in the air. Ticks I use to use is water, vinegar and lemon juice. It works great and smells amazing. However I found an Angry Mama at Homegoods last week it was $6.99 just a dollar less than amazon. I am not an affiliated with either I buy all products with my own money and do a truly honest review.

The Angry Mama is as simple as it looks. Pop her head off. That just makes me giggle. Pour 1/2 oz of vinegar make sure not to over fill. There is a vinegar line. Then fill with water to the water line. Pop her head back on. Let’s check out this filthy microwave! Explosions of nasty cooked on food.

Being 5’1 makes it a pain to clean the microwave. I have to use a step stool to really get in there. The Angry Mama is a total game changer. This microwave is disgusting I wasn’t sure how she would do.

Set your microwave to medium-high and zap her for 5 minutes. Make sure she doesn’t run out of liquid.

Let her sit for 2 minutes. She looks like she has been doing a ton of work, she is covered in sweat. Now it is time to see the results! I normally use microfiber towels but microwave crud grossed me out so I used two paper towels.

Absolutely amazing everything wiped off with an issue! I used a little extra liquid from her head and wiped under the glass. It all came off perfectly. I am an absolute fan of this product. It even took off a lot of discoloration from previous burnt marks.

If you want to watch it step by step swing by my instagram page it’s on my highlights reel under clean microwave. I will be posting it to YouTube tonight.



Now it’s time for the wretched stainless steel (SS) drives me nuts so I am going to use chemical cleaner. I have tried a lot of home remedies but I still think it looks smudged. I used Weimar Stainless Steel cleaner and micro fiber cloth from target. They work perfect together and the smell is minimal I actually like it.