7 Months

Wow! It has been a long time since I have blogged. In the last few months some major changes happened. First major change is my blog after some customization issues with previous website I decided I wanted more control of my webpage and officially switched domains and names. Charmingly Peony is making its final switch to Charmingly Frugal.

We just finished our move from Alaska back to Utah, we bought our dream home, and our little man is 7 months old! Colton Scott is growing like a weed. He is sitting up on his own, and rolling every where. He is such a busy body his naps are finally becoming a routine.

Colton has a great love of food! He loves everything but squash right now. His favorites are pickles though he just can’t get enough of that tangy taste!  The food is going right to his height, he is in the 95% he is over 30″ tall. He just out grew his carseat, which out of all three kids that has never happened before.

I just can’t get over how handsome Colton is in his little suspenders and bow tie. A very special thank you to Bow Tie and Baby Co.




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