Shelf Eating

If you are like me you walk into a grocery store to pick up random ingredients and poof you have spent $50 easily. Yeah that was me for years I still struggle with it. Our family of 5 lives off of a pretty strict grocery budget. We budget $100 per person including Colton!

That includes formula, baby food, snacks, milk, and all the groceries. That motivates me to make sure we are using everything to its potential. If you been following my instagram stories I go more in depth on specific things like freezing food which I will post a blog on that.

Anyways shelf eating is how we get to the next paycheck or grocery shopping time. How ever we will buy milk or formula if we run out before our next grocery trip. So to help we shelf eat a lot. We check out cupboards, pantries, and fridge to see what will expire next. The I shop through all the freezers and pull the meat that will work for this recipe. I google recipes that match our ingredients list.

This way we avoid overspending and random purchases. The fact is we fall constantly in with eating what we “want” when really we bought all this food and it such a waste of money to throw away. This will also teach you to add certain items to your grocery list and stock up when prices are low.

We constantly buy meat on sale, cream of chicken, broth, rice, cream of mushroom and cheese. These are staples of cooking in our house.

Here is what shelf eating looks like today in our house.

Enchiladas casserole/

We had corn tortillas that need to be used before they go bad. I just freezer shopped pulled out some chicken breast’s and sour cream (yes I freeze sour cream! ) it’s great for cooking!

Found all these random ingredients in our cupboard and saved us a trip to the grocery store.

Yay!!! Winning!


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